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Amid Trying Times, God is Our Refuge

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In Psalms 91 we are reminded the LORD can be trusted and He is our refuge in time of need. We are thankful we can rely on God who is eternal and unchanging. During these uncertain times the Christian need not worry or fear because God is Eternal, Sovereign and Unchanging.

In the spirit of cooperation with our govt (local/state/federal) leaders recommendations concerning the COVID-19 and out of concern for people’s health and safety, we are changing our normal service schedule through March 29th.

We will be streaming live on Facebook during the following times:

  • Wednesday at 7pm
  • Sunday at 11 am
    • Please be praying daily as individuals or a family at 7 pm. Pray for revival in our world, nation, State and Homer. Pray for one another. Pray for wisdom for our leaders.
    • If you need counsel, encouragement or anything, I am available, give me a call.
  • As we continue to give the Lord’s tithe, and our mission giving, please know you can mail it or drop it off at the church.

This decision has been the most difficult decision since being HIBC’s Pastor, and it was not made without much prayer and concern for your spiritual well-being. Some may wonder why we made this decision.

1) The church is more than a building and we can be the church outside our walls.

2) This virus cannot be seen, and we know from modern medicine how it is passed from person to person. There are still a lot of uncertainty about COVID-19 and we know the best way to stop it is by limiting our contact in social gatherings.

3) We know the older generations are more vulnerable and we should look to protect them.

4) To continue to ignore the warnings and not sacrifice for the good of all people is only looking out for ourselves. Each person must do their part during this time.

Please know this is a great opportunity to be the church outside the structure walls where we meet. I encourage you to look out for one another by checking and seeing if others have any needs. Be a witness for the glory of God. People need the Lord and are sensitive to the gospel during times like these. Look for opportunity to share Christ and the promises of God!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Jake