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Sunday School 10:00 am

Morning Service 11:00 am

Children’s Church 11:00 am

Afternoon Service 1:30 pm


Men’s Prayer 8:00 am


Ladies’ Prayer 6:00 pm

Prayer Meeting and Mid-Week Bible Study 7:00 pm

Kids’ Club 7:00 pm (September – May)

COVID 19 Mitigation Plan


Pastor Jacob S. Gerasimof  

907-235-3431 Church           3614 Forest Glen Drive, Homer, Alaska 99603

907-435-1265 Cell           EMAIL: jagerasimof@gmail.com

To slow the spread of Coronavirus Disease 19, HIBC has adopted the follow steps to keep its members, guest, Homer community and Alaska safe. We ask everyone who attends our services to follow this plan.

  1. Six-foot distancing must be maintained between non-household members.
  2. No physical contact between non-household members.
  3. Fabric face coverings are available for those in attendance, HIBC will have facemask if you desire to wear one for the service. 
  4. Hand sanitizer will be placed in the foyer entrance and spaced throughout the pews. 
  5. HIBC mitigation plan be posted in common area, shared on Facebook/Instagram/website and given to each church member & regular attender.
  6. Bathroom and common areas will be sanitize before every service.
  7. Any person with an illness should not attend the service. We strongly advise those who are at high risk (elderly & compromised immune system) to not attend & watch via livestream.

What we know about COVID 19 is that it is contagious, those who are elderly & with compromised immune systems are at higher risk, and the rate of death is higher than the flu or other viruses (although the predicted death rate is much lower than experts projected, praise the Lord).

We know within the Christian community and world there are differing opinions about the dangers and risk of COVID 19, but nonetheless we as Christian should look to follow laws and mandates as long as they do not cause us to disobey God (Romans 13:1). 

We should also look to respect one another’s differing opinions on matters which do not cause us to compromise on God’s truth. During times like this we as a church must seek united and respect for one another, as the Bible teaches us in Romans 14 & 15. It is always our purpose and desire to glorify God and serve one another.